We’re thrilled to announce Spotlight Project teams for the Pandemic Response Hackathon! Given the breadth of ideas and strong submissions across many teams, it was extremely difficult to narrow down the list. Congratulations to all 230+ project teams on your hard work this past weekend!

Spotlight Projects

Public Health Information Sharing


Together with the leading experts in the virology of the Charité Berlin, we made a chatbot based hotline available, which advises you if you should get tested or not. This weekend we would like to make the hotline ready for deployment in German and translate it into English.


We can use CoronaRank to generate heatmaps, showing high-risk areas to avoid, raise awareness about responsibility to the community and providing predictions about where hospitals might be overloaded in the future based on potential exposure.

C-19 Vulnerability Index - Powered by ClosedLoop.ai

The model uses data from CMS to create a vulnerability index. We have already scored over 2 million individuals with the data, and we wanted to build the site to offer this scoring mechanism to the wider population.


Our project can be used by all responsible crisis managers and citizens worldwide. It describes a complete white label solution for anonymous tracking of citizens and the coordination of test stations and health authorities.

hc1 COVID-19 Lab Testing Dashboard™

"The hc1 - COVID-19 Lab Testing Dashboard™ and mapping tools will accelerate insight by 10-21 days for Healthcare Organizations, Public Health, and Government leaders to help predict where the next wave of ER, hospital and ICU overload will occur.

Epidemiology and Science of Disease

COVID-19 Drug Demand and Supply Curves

Defines the COVID-19 patient population based on Medical and Pharmacy Claims in order to identify spikes in therapies prescribed to this population and underscore potential supply shortages.


We have developed an app that will use location data over a period of time to help notify others if they have been in close proximity of a victim of coronavirus while also providing them with key insights on their probability of being infected.

Pandemic Spread Simulator - PaSS

It models human behavior regarding sheltering during a pandemic in a simulated city. We want people to be able to create their own simulations. While it is not perfect, it solves our core mission - to get people thinking more seriously about shelter in place.

Keeping Our Health Workers Safe

Airspar Inflatable Field Hospital

A Typical Field Hospital installation would include a Ward and Anterooms. The Anterooms are connected to the Ward via waterproof zippers, to keep the spaces pneumatically connected. The entire tent is made of various types of fabric, all sourced in the USA.


COVIDStay allows either an individual or a staffer acting on their behalf to create a credentialed account, answer questions allowing the system to determine whether they are eligible for self-separation accommodation, assign them to a hotel room, monitor the inventory of hotel rooms available, and track the arrival and departure of the qualified individual.

Frontline Covid Backtracer

EtherMed’s Covid solution creates an instant backtrace after a known infection, and identifies all current and past physical locations of the infected with a list of those they’ve been in contact with. Administrators then, for the first time, have the ability to know, notify, and manage those needing isolation.

Infection Exposure Tracker

Our Infection Exposure Tracker works like a detective: it creates a log of who provided care to infected patients, who worked side-by-side with an infected clinician, and who was in the vicinity of infected patients and clinicians.


App for healthcare providers to share strategies for sanitizing/reusing personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Second-Order Societal Impacts

Isolating Together

The heart of the website is a list of small actions and habits that make us healthier, happier, and more connected. The list is organized around four categories: healthy eating and exercise, relaxing activities like meditation, creative outlets and new hobbies, and ideas for reaching out to help others.


Each week, players in our app will get a new challenge to keep themselves busy and engaged -- like signup for an online course, go outside for personal exercise, or schedule daily videochats -- along with 3 bubbles -- which are 3 chances to survive the week without bursting your social distance bubble.

Pandemic Volunteers

Pandemic Volunteers is designed to encourage people to sign up for volunteering. We also get registrations from partners that could need volunteers or that could help volunteers. Hospitals, health departments, NGOs, volunteering groups, corporations could apply.

Voice Over Virus

Voice Over Virus is a social media-based campaign dedicated to bringing each individual experience together to start a conversation about the social, personal, and emotional impact of COVID-19.


WhatsInStock is a map that shows data about nearby stores and their inventories, so that people in coronavirus-heavy areas can know where to shop when they run low on food or other supplies.

Thank You

Thank you to our sponsors, partners, and participants!

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